BROFACTION & LAURA KAMHUBER will release official “Dancer against Cancer” Song

Listen to music and do something good!

Our first musical collaboration, the «Song Right Beside Me», will be the official «Dancer against Cancer» song in 2017. We are very pleased with this honor and immediately agreed to give the income from the song to 100% to the cancer aid.

«Right Beside Me» was written by me, Nico. The song emerged at a time when I had to experience the illness-related path of suffering of a friend and I realized how important it is to have someone by his side.

The song ’s statement fits into my, Lauras, activity as an ambassador for the Gold Ribbon campaign. So things got together and our project was born.

Help help!

We hope with this song we can contribute as much as possible to cancer aid. Every purchase of the song, every click, every view, every streaming, … helps cancer aid! Everybody can help!

With the revenues we support:

Dancer against Cancer &

the international Children´s Cancer Aid!

For a big promotion and the shoot of the music video, we need your support here! We only want to cover the costs of the project which we can not afford by ourselves. All additional income from the crowdfunding also goes to the cancer aid!

Help us helping and click right now to our Crowdfunding Project of “We Make It”

The premiere of the song

On March 25th, 2017, we will officially present the song at the Dancer Against Cancer Ball in Vienna.



Listen to music and do something good!


BACK AT THE PLAYGROUND – New Official Music Video

Official Music Video
The single “Back At The Playground”, which was released in September 2015, was written by Laurin and Nico together with Jeff Franzel, Vincent Nussbaumer, Alexander Popp and Sebastian Geisler. The song was produced in Vienna.
The official video of the song was produced by Trendimpulse and perfectly set in scene by Marco Werner und Daniel Bichler (camera and editing).
The video was directed by Wolfgang Ranzmeir and filmed in Linz together with choreographer Jessica Pointner and the Dance Ensemble of MUTS kids.
In the rap part of the video you can see Miss Austria 2015 Annika Grill. She spontaneously agreed to participate in the video.
This After Summer hit video reflects the joy of life, team spirit and the dynamic of all people involved (which developed during the shooting).


„Green light for BROFACTION“

The boys get off to a flying start! Coinciding with their new single Nico and Laurin determined the new band name “BROFACTION“. Since the opinion of their fans play a major role for the pop duo, the fans could vote on the Facebook page between “Brocheck” and “Brofaction”. As it turned out the fans have made an excellent choice with “Brofaction“.


„ Make life your personal playground“

“Back at the Playground“ is Brofactions single from 2015. This good mood song arose from a song writing camp in Tyrol, in which Nico and Laurin took part. The musicians wrote songs in groups together with other musicians. It was to be something new, not a typical ballad. This was how they created their dynamic summer hit with the message to see life and its difficulties in a positive light and to convert life into a personal playground.


Preview on the “Everyone stage”

On the stage “Jedermannbühne”, hosted by ServusTV on 23/07/2015, Brofaction had the opportunity to present their new summer hit “Back At The Playground“ live. In addition to their new single the brothers performed their first hit “One Day Left” and some covers from their repertoire. Of course advanced copies of the CD were available, too!